Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Back

Yes, I finally feel like I can devote some time to this blog again. Between the exhaustion of pregnancy, the stress of selling a house and moving into a new one, and then having a newborn, something had to give and this was it. But one of my goals for this year is to post on this blog at least once a week.

So for my first post back I want to share some Ghirardelli boxes that I made for Christmas. I found the tutorial here, and a couple of other examples here. Each box holds 3 Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I made 9 of these total, 7 Christmas ones for my sons teachers, and other people at church...

and then a birthday one for my neighbor and a thank you for another neighbor.
They're really easy and pretty fun to make.

1 comment:

  1. Again, I'm impressed and amazed.

    If I manage to remember to think of getting a little treat for someone, I certainly don't make it all cute like that! That's fabulous!