Monday, January 10, 2011

Advent Calendar

First, I must apologize to my few readers who, I'm sure are wondering where I went. Well, after discovering in late Oct that I was expecting baby number 3, that first trimester just drained all of my energy and I wasn't creating as much as I wanted. Then, once I got my energy back, and a few projects to share, the weather was so overcast and yucky that I couldn't take pictures. So, now I've taken a few pictures, hopefully I'll have more to share.

First up is this advent calendar. I have seen these all over the internet and have wanted to make one for two years and I finally decided that if I did nothing else, I would get this done. So on November 30th, this is what I had done. I'd like to add a few more embellishments and a sign that says "Countdown to Christmas" but it was done enough for my boys to enjoy it. However, I thought that I could fit 2 pieces of candy in each hole, but you can't. So I'm going to have to make another next year, one for each boy, and maybe another for baby #3. I'd also like to have enough time to make a few as gifts, but that's a pretty ambitious goal.

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