Thursday, May 19, 2011

Page A Day in May 12-15

Here are three more pages. I know that I've counted this as 4 pages, but that's because the second page, the little things/big things page I actually made three of for 3 different scrapbooks.

This page includes some fun new downloads, the stitching. I knew I wanted to buy them as soon as I saw them, but I decided to wait until I had a project that needed them. Turns out, the project came sooner than I anticipated. It's perfect.

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  1. They all look so great! I had to comment because I laughed when I read the Thanksgiving page. That was such a funny moment. Such good memories. I hate being so far away where I can't see him doing all of his funny things all the time! I'm glad you're preserving them so that we'll all be able to giggle at how adorable he was for years to come.