Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where have I been?

I'm not sure anyone still reads this blog, but in case you come to visit and were wondering where I've been, I had a baby and that takes priority. I have been creating, just not posting. Hopefully, I have some more time to post the things I've been making. For now, we'll play catch up, starting with Mother's Day. I made these cards using the floating reinker technique that I taught at my last class. For instructions on how to do this technique, you can watch this video from this blog.

The other thing I made my mom was this necklace and ribbon flower. The video on how to make this flower can be found here. I love this flower and keep meaning to make one for myself. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but hopefully one day.

So, that's Mother's Day, and hopefully it won't be long until my next post.

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