Friday, June 11, 2010

New and Exciting Announcement... least for me. I have decided to try and make some money at this crafting hobby. It all started in November when my Grandpa's cousin asked if she could by 30 of my cards for Christmas gifts. I had never really considered it, but the cards were just sitting in a box, so why not. That got the wheels turning and I wondered if others would want to buy them. Now, I'm not trying to make my millions, just enough to support my habit.

So, I'll be working on several outlets to sell my creations but while I get everything set up, if you see something on my blog that you want, just leave a comment or e-mail me. I'll take requests for colors, sentiments, anything you want. Cards will be around 2.50-3.00. Plus 1.45 for shipping if I can't hand deliver it. Project costs will vary.

And just so you have something to look at today.
I'll be back with more info about the cards later.


  1. Jen- I would LOVE to buy some of your cards. What I really need is an assortment- so when I am need a card, for any occasion- I have the option to pick and choose. Is this a possibility? I don't have your email address, but mine is if you want to get back to me :)

  2. Jenn....good for YOU! I have been considering the same thing but have not got off my "seat" to do anything about it! ha! Hope it works out...would love to hear how you do!