Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Shower gift

I really have been crafting lately, we've just had bad photography weather and I've been a little busy. But this is a cute purse I made for my cousins baby shower. It holds 8 thank you cards with envelopes. I saw one just like it on this website, but after following a million links, I could not find any instructions on how to make it. So I made it up. And while I was creating, I was so good and wrote down the measurements, so I could share them and re-create it. Do you think I know where I put those notes? Nope, but my guess would be they landed in the trash. I know the base is 1 1/2" and then the width and height are 1/4" bigger than an envelope. Really, once I thought about it, it wasn't too hard to put it all together.
The most time consuming part was piercing all the holes for the faux stitching. But it's so cute, I would totally make one again.

And these are the two types of Thank You cards I made to put in the bag. I used my favorite stamp set for the hand and foot prints. I will probably have to use these layouts again for my own thank you notes. I love them.

I made these right before we found out what we were having. The whole time I was making them I was thinking maybe I should save this paper in case I was having a girl. Guess we don't have to worry about that. Glad I got to use the paper for a cute little girl.

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